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Preparing for Your Tax Prep Appointment

One of the number one questions we receive is what to bring to your tax prep appointment. Here is a quick list:

  • Prior Year Tax Return(s)
  • Any and all current year tax paperwork (W2s, 1099’s, IRS Letters Etc.)
  • Summarized lists of deductions you had in the past like Work Expenses, Mileage, Union Dues
  • A Smile – Hey, don’t shoot the messenger! We promise to help you get to every deduction we can to make this experience positive.

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What Our Clients Say

“I had always prepared my family’s tax returns using the usual off the shelf software but eventually ran into a lot of issues/inconsistencies as our situation got more complex (multiple business/home offices in addition to our W2 income, etc.). We asked around for reputable tax prep/accounting firms and Fontana Group was recommended. We have been working with Domenic ever since and he has helped us out greatly. Highly recommend them even for non-complex tax prep. Prior to having Domenic on our side, I am certain I paid a lot more taxes than I was obligated to. Highly recommend them!”

Mark S.

King of Prussia, PA, Cora Ltd

“What else is there to say.. 5 stars, cause they make you feel as comfortable as you can be. Family operation..  They are not a chain company so right there is a plus. They will treat you better than a H&R Block would.. You will not spend an arm and a leg for service as you would with H&R or any other chain locations. When i say family, they are a family group, mother and son both are very knowledgable, both will make sure you are on a  right path. I have dealt with them in previous yrs, before they opened this firm and I plan on continuing my financial endeavors with them. They will help if you just purchased a house, just married, just about anything if you are not a numbers person.  I wish that “All State” didn’t brand this phrase “You’re in good hands” because in acutallity they make sure you leave with a sigh of relief and knowing you are going to be fine. No complaints, just a great experience, great comfort.”

Nando F.

Philadelphia, PA


About The Fontana Group:

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Our clients trust us because we have been doing tax preparation and accounting for over 40 years. We would love the chance to earn your business and help with any personal or business accounting need. 

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